Handyman Rates & Prices for Handyman Services & Handyman Repairs
Option 1: Handyman Rates & prices ( by the Hour )

From my years of experience, this option has proven itself to be the least expensive when you are looking for standard handyman services and repairs. Plus, it is simple and easy to understand. Minimum Charge: $35.

Let's say I arrive at your house and begin working on your to-do list of handyman projects. Should your handyman repair list take me 30 minutes to complete, your total price is $35 (minimum charge). Should your list of handyman repairs contain a longer list of to-do items and it takes me two hours to complete your list, then your price is $70.

Simple, straightforward, and easy to understand.

Plus, as I mentioned, this option has proven itself to be the least expensive option for my services and handyman repair.

Option 2: Handyman Rates & Prices (Firm Quote, by the job)

This option may be better for certain larger jobs when you would like a firm price quote. It also works well for certain customers who prefer to know the total cost of my handyman services and repairs up-front.

Please keep in mind that when I provide you with a firm handyman services price quote, I also add "contingencies" into my price (as does every handyman) That is, those things that seem to always come up that neither you or I expected. You know, expect the unexpected. And those contingencies add to the price of your firm quote.